From: Beautybox Five

Dear Michael:

Being a beauty subscription service, our subscribers are particular about the products they receive, and incorporating an easy way to gather feedback was essential. Using Traitwise to poll our subscribers helped our subscription-box startup expand with the specific needs and wants of our customers! We were able to hear directly from our subscribers, give them an incentive to answer our questions, and gather extremely valuable opinions.

First, we polled our subscribers about the samples we had already sent and asked them if they’d be interested in purchasing full-sized items from us. Based on their responses, we launched a web store and were able to stock it with products they liked! This generated revenue for us and made our subscribers who were in love with a new product able to purchase it from us immediately. Additionally, we were able to build our social media engagement by asking them what social media channels they used the most, so we could match online subscriber involvement and launch special deals and offers through our social channels as well. We also asked our subscribers if they were part of a competitors business, and were able to discern that a big number of them only subscribed to our service, which was great news and data for our business partners!

Finally, we ran our Traitwise survey with a promotion that give our subscribers the chance to win 1 of 3 $25 gift cards just for participating, sent out the email to our entire large subscriber base and more than 10% of the list responded to our survey- 50+ questions!- in full. Since Traitwise presents questions one at a time, our subscribers didn’t feel overwhelmed by the length of the survey and could read each thoroughly before responding.

Traitwise is an engaging, user-friendly survey tool that generated qualitative information for our startup company that allowed us to make business development decisions that have translated into revenue. We’d recommend it to anyone looking to get quick and thorough feedback!


Joanna Egwuagu