The WHY of Traitwise

Traitwise believes in the 'n of 1'. The only population that really matters is you!

Whether in person or online, We all want to be treated as a unique individual.

The How of Traitwise...

Only by creating a deep understanding of an individual, by asking many questions about a person's life, can you personalize interactions. Traitwise assists you with getting more data and creating a better user experience so people want to give you the information you need.

The What of Traitwise...

Traitwise uses gaming paradigms to make answering questions fun, some even say addictive. Users are presented with instant feedback as they answer questions, so they get to see how they compare to others. New questions are presented at the top of the page, creating anticipation for the next question, and eliminating page navigation. Because of these design features, people answer four to five time more questions than other online surveys.

In addition, Traitwise surveys can be embedded right on your web page or mobile application so the survey becomes part of you brand. People are more than twice as likely to start answering questions on your site, or as part of your customer interactions, than clicking on a link to a third-party survey.

Overall, customers report getting 10 times more information than other survey techniques.